“Their lives are full enough of sacrifices”

“The poor often think that they must make sacrifices to God or to any power greater than themselves, it is a sort of way of keeping off ill-luck from their thresholds. And yet God knows their lives are full enough of sacrifices from beginning to end.”

Fragment from “A Christmas Tale” by Queen Marie of Romania – the second queen of Romania, who was writing fairy tales about her Kingdom Romania for English-speaking children, following the example of the first queen of Romania, Elisabeth (Carmen Sylva), who did just the same in her mother tongue, German, some decades before Marie.


Read the whole tale in:

The Child of the Sun: Royal Fairy Tales and Essays by the Queens of Romania, Elisabeth (Carmen Sylva, 1843-1916) and Marie (1875-1938). Selected and edited, with an introduction and bibliography by Silvia Irina Zimmermann. [Series of the Research Center Carmen Sylva – Princely Archive of Wied, vol. 9], 315 pages, 54 illustrations (7 colored), Stuttgart: ibidem-Verlag (Ibidem Press), 2020, 315 pages, 54 illustrations (7 colored), ISBN-13: 978-3-8382-1393-4.


Image: Cover and title page of the volume “The Queen of Roumania’s Fairy Book”, ca. 1923 (private collection S.I. Zimmermann).